MONTCHAVIN, a village with human size, among the apple trees, spruces and larches, with its houses made of stone and wood where holidays are synonymous with fun, relaxation and oxygenation.

Montchavin-La Plagne, a  resort village that offers a range of activities very wide, which is a delight for young and old. RESORT WITH LABEL “FAMILLE PLUS”.

In summer, an ideal altitude for the practice of many activities (1250m)

In winter( 1250 m to 3250m), a privileged location in the heart of the fabulous ski areas of La Plagne / Les Arcs in Paradiski area linked by the Vanoise Express cable car.

HAPPY NEW : ice skating open winter 2021

Montchavin aquatic complex

The Montchavin aquatic complex offers :

For Summer
  • 1 outdoor leisure pool of 280 m²
  • 3 racer of 20m
  • Water games (splashpad)
  • 1 interior space described below
For Winter

1 interior space with :

  • 1 spa pool of 70m²
  • Hammam, sauna, jacuzzi
  • 1 playground for children
  • 1 treatment space : massages body, face


In Summer

Swimming pool
Walk in the White Rock lake. Magnificent view of the glaciers : Mont Pourri, Mont Blanc, Bellecôte


Lake 15km from montchavin


Show under the big top every friday night


Waterhole gothard


Cycle road for adult and child


Lake Carroley : between fishing and ride
Rafting dans l’Isère
Rafting in Isère


Adventure course for adults and children
Mariage d'antan avec costumes traditionnels en juillet
Former marriage with traditional costume in July


Vous pourrez apercevoir un bouquetin au détour d'un chemin
You will see an ibex to turn a corner


VTT on the chairlift


Walking or driving to Les Bauches with view to the Mont Blanc 4810 m


Visite des alpages : les secret du Beaufort (fromage)
Visit the mountain pastures :the secret of Beaufort (cheese)
Biking : use chairlift only to go up and go down by VTT on path or road face to the Mont Blanc
Pierres Blanches lake : access by chairlift or foot
Motor sportive day : porsche, ferrari…
Carroley lake with family
Sheeps on the moutain
Rosuel waterfall
Walking on the moutain in Montchavin La Plagne
6000 D Trail
2 mascots in the village of Montchavin
Voluntary from 6000 D




Rosuel National Park of La Vanoise 15km far away from Montchavin
St Bernard dog at the Petit St Bernard Pass
free game for children


in summer, each monday : market on the main street
Water fall at Rosuel 15km far away from Montchavin
free game for children
and many other things…  

In Winter

2016-01-03 10.54.54
Ski face to the Mont Blanc
snowpark in  La Plagne



fun slope for family
At the top of Arpette chairlift


fun slope at Arpette Chairlift Montchavin la plagne
Inversens slope to the tunnel : surprise inside
snow canon at Montchavin


Admirez la sculpture en haut du télésiège de l’Arpette avec une superbe vue sur le Mont Blanc
Admire the sculpture in top of the Arpette chairlift with great views of Mont Blanc
Pleasure to ski at Montchavin La Plagne
2700 m Roche de Mio


Sculpture for your happiness
Beautiful view from Roche de Mio
typical chalet
typical chalet
Slope between the trees


Sea cloud with the Mont Blanc in the background
Sea cloud with the Mont Blanc in the background
sonw canon until the resort
sonw canon until the resort


Vanoise Express : 2 big cable car : 188 people/cable
Vanoise Express : 2 big cable car : 188 people/cable
each winter beautiful sculpture on the slope
each winter beautiful sculpture on the slope
water for the snow canon
water for the snow canon
Descente aux flambeaux des enfants avec l’ESF
Downhill with torches for children with the ESF


Maquillage des enfants
Children makeup
Père Noël
Santa Claus


Roche de Mio 2700 m
sun set from Montchavin
Top of Bijolin chairlift Montchavin la plagne
Visitez une ferme en plein air
Visit an open air farm


View from Inversens chairlift
Grand Rochette 2508 m
Crozats information
Balade en raquette ou à pied à plan Bois
Snowshoeing or walking in plan Bois